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My readers would know that I had in Q1 2015, bought a one-acre fam land in a community called Blooms Ecovillage. Here the farming work is out sourced to the developer of the community, who happens to be my friend Johny. For the past few months, I have been enjoying and sharing the fruits of nature without actually putting in too much hard work. This community now has appx. 30 likeminded people and a few more will join – there is a shortage of land already as the local farmers have raised the prices in the area and are not willing to sell. Here are some photos of the place:

  This is me plucking tomatoes grown in my farm (this we distributed to all the friends we knew and still had more - ran out of friends to give it to :-))


    This is rice in our farm - about a month away from harvesting


This is a pond just off the property which is right now filled with water due to the rains


This area is rocky and it adds to the natural beauty of the place - these rocks are just off the property


Now there is a proposal to add a few more facilities and make it into a kind of rural resort – where about 10 families can come and stay and enjoy nature and also take home produce from the farm. Towards this, Johny has come with a proposal that broadly looks as follows:

• For an investment of Rs 35 lacs, you will get a quarter acre land (slightly more than 10,000 sq ft) and a 1000 sq ft -two-bedroom house. This amount needs to be paid over a period of 7-9 months.

• Some banks are willing to fund this as a home loan and Johny can help you in this area.

• Once the final amount is paid, Johny will pay you a rent of Rs. 17,500 per month for the next three years. This is three times a typical rent that you get in a city like Bangalore for a Rs 35 lac house.

• Post three years, you have an option to renegotiate the rent and let Johny manage it or take it back and use it for your own use.

• During this three years, you can come and stay in this place or in other resorts owned by Johny in Wayanad for 24 days per year.

• Johny will share the finer details if you are interested.

So if you dream of having a weekend farm house off Bangalore - but are not able to do it as you do not have the time and energy to maintain it - here is a good option that also pays you a good rent.

Please write to Johny directly at - he will be more than happy to share more details and show you the place.

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