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Over the past two weeks, I have been inundated by calls, sms’s and mails asking for “which stocks to invest in”. While I am happy that most of my readers are seeing the current market volatility as an opportunity - I am also advising everyone to be patient. I believe that the markets will be volatile for some more time and there will be better opportunities in the coming two months. Here is a chart that is self-explanatory. As you can see, the Shanghai composite had a great rise and so it logically should come back to it’s mean in the coming few weeks /months. I believe that despite all efforts by the Chinese government the index will fall

I want to start by saying that am an AAP supporter – and I believe that we need a "change in the system"  - and the existing system is represented by BJP and Congress. However I see a wave coming – a wave that will get Modi to power Chetan Bhagat put it well in his column in TOI yesterday . I am quoting a part of this blog verbatim below “he represents practicality. Most Indians know that while it is go
My best wishes to all my readers for a very successful 2014 - I hope you can help at least one person every day for 365 days in whatever way you can. 2013 was a reasonably good year from investing stand point even though my predictions of Dec 2012 went wrong.  I did not expect slowing down of the Indian economy and the resultant devaluation of the Indian Rupee. I had also expected the interest rates to come down and stock markets to do well. However, as I invest on specific stocks for the long term, my investments in 2013 have not been effected by my wrong forecast. &nb
The USD -INR ratio stayed at 54-55 levels due to the massive inflow of USD into emerging markets as the US Fed kept their economy awash with cheap money. However, a few weeks back, the US Fed hinted at reducing this liquidity, and immediately the Rupee depreciated to levels of 61 to a Dollar.  A depressed Rupee means that the prices of fuel (which is imported) will be high – and that in turn impacts the prices of transported goods (like food grains and vegetables) and the general inflation. With Inflation high, RBI would not be able to easily reduce the interest rates and that means that the cost of capital to Industries would be high – which in turn impacts the GDP growth
This note is based on my 12 month predictions made in Dec 2012 – and to share with you my sense of where to invest now.  So here are the key predictions from my Dec 2012 blog –