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Before going into India specific predictions, let me share the big picture for  2013:US will continue with its policy of quantitative easing – the US economy will do better than the current 2% GDP growth (expected to be around 3%) - there will also be mild austerity measures to balance the budget over long term (a small cut in expenditures and a mild increase in taxes for the rich) –the US economy and the US dollar will emerge stronger over the year.Europe will continue in its difficult process of economic and political re-integration – the overall EU GDP is expected to grow between 0% and 0.5% –the  
The time between Christmas and New Years is a good time to look back and plan forward. The weather here in Bangalore is beautiful – most of my friends have gone to Goa /Srilanka /Coorg /Chickmangalur etc and my students are all over the country (but available on FB)  -  and I am in a contemplative mood today. So I went back to my blog dated 30th December 2011 to see what I had predicted then – and this is what I found :
Two days back, the US Fed reserve announced that it would keep interest rates low till the US unemployment rates come down to 6.5% (from the current 7.7%). Typically all central banks have two key policy goals – controlling inflation and keeping unemployment low. Linking their monetary policy so explicitly with a 6.5 % unemployment rate means that the “low global interest rate regime” is here to stay for some more time. This would mean that the there would be a constant supply of liquidity globally and this would be a continuing opportunity for emerging markets including India. We can see the effects of this excess global liquidity here already. FII’s have pumped more than $ 20 Billion into the Indian markets since Jan 2012 – the second h
I have had quite some queries on the recent market conditions and what is my outlook.  So here are my views. We all know that our government always knew what is required to be done – but they did not have the political courage to do it. The Congress is now in a do or die situation – if they do not act now, they will find it difficult to showcase their governance record in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. And hence this recent burst of reformist measures – after all they too need a job after 2014.
July first week is a good time to look back at the annual predictions made in Dec end / Jan and course correct if required. So here I am, looking back and seeing what course corrections are required. My 2012 predictions included the following: Indian economy will slow down a bit – well it has slowed down “quite a bit” and I am not too optimistic of the current government’s ability to kick start the spluttering economy. It is not that those in power do not know what is required to be done. The problem is that those in pow