Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

Friends - If you have invested in equity MF’s - then I guess you would be seeing an erosion of value in the past few months. Normally in such situation, I would be recommending that you invest more and stay invested as the future is positive for Indian economy and that will have a rub off in the stock markets. However, I have turned my recommendation over today and I am recommending exiting all your equity MF’s for the time being. The reason is that the next few months look very volatile -the reason is not Indian economy – but the global factors – China is main the reason for this volatility – There is a fair amount of fears of further devaluation of the Yuan - (

Every year in Q1, I have many queries on where to invest to save tax under section 80C. Most readers come with ULIPS and Insurance schemes as they have been approached by someone advising them to invest in these schemes to save tax. So today I am sharing where I am investing this year and you can do the same. There are many options for saving under section 80C and one of my older blogposts had described the options available (there have been a few changes since then). I do not recommend investing through Insurance schemes (except term policy and health insurance) and ULIP schemes. Investing through FD’s. PPF’s also do not make sense to me in most years. I normally recommend investing through ELSS mutual funds and stay invested in the fund for three years with a view to avail the section 80C benefit. Last year I had recommended investing t

Let me start by wishing all my readers a very happy, prosperous and fun filled year ahead. This business of forecasting next year has become a big industry now. Many people (including me) write about it in December end. But deep down, I have my doubts. Will things really change between Dec 31st and Jan 1st? I do not think so. Just because the earth rotates around the sun once in 365 days, we tend to think in chunks of 365 days – for example ROI is an annual number (a 20% ROI means 20% per annum), our salary is an annual number,

My readers would know that I had in Q1 2015, bought a one-acre fam land in a community called Blooms Ecovillage. Here the farming work is out sourced to the developer of the community, who happens to be my friend Johny. For the past few months, I have been enjoying and sharing the fruits of nature without actually putting in too much hard work. This community now has appx. 30 likeminded people and a few more will join – there is a shortage of land already as the local farmers have raised the prices in the area and are not willing to sell. Here are some photos of the place:   This is me plucking tomatoes grown in my farm (this we distributed to all the friends we knew and still had more - ran out of friends to give it to :-))

  In my search of good investing ideas, here is a special deal from one of my friends in Wayanad - a resort owner named Raghu. I am happy to share it with you. The scheme is as follows: 1. Raghu is building a resort with appx 30 rooms, a few villas and club house in a river facing property just 700 meters from a town called Panamaram in Wayanad. I have seen the location and I think it is a good one for a resort – but recommend that you also see it for yourself. 2.  Raghu will own 25% of the property himself – which means he has his own skin in the game. 3. You can choose to invest either Rs. 10L or 13