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My readers would know that I had in Q1 2015, bought a one-acre fam land in a community called Blooms Ecovillage. Here the farming work is out sourced to the developer of the community, who happens to be my friend Johny. For the past few months, I have been enjoying and sharing the fruits of nature without actually putting in too much hard work. This community now has appx. 30 likeminded people and a few more will join – there is a shortage of land already as the local farmers have raised the prices in the area and are not willing to sell. Here are some photos of the place:   This is me plucking tomatoes grown in my farm (this we distributed to all the friends we knew and still had more - ran out of friends to give it to :-))

  In my search of good investing ideas, here is a special deal from one of my friends in Wayanad - a resort owner named Raghu. I am happy to share it with you. The scheme is as follows: 1. Raghu is building a resort with appx 30 rooms, a few villas and club house in a river facing property just 700 meters from a town called Panamaram in Wayanad. I have seen the location and I think it is a good one for a resort – but recommend that you also see it for yourself. 2.  Raghu will own 25% of the property himself – which means he has his own skin in the game. 3. You can choose to invest either Rs. 10L or 13
My year end predictions, in Dec 2014, ended with the statement – “Aim at an overall return of 20% plus for your portfolio. It is easy to get this in 2015”. As you can see -I was off the mark. 20% returns this year is not as easy as it seemed six months back. The last six months has been a period of stalemate. BSE Sensex was 27500 on Jan 1st – it is hovering about 3.5% higher at 28460 as of 18th July. Gold hasn’t done any better – it was Rs. 2670 per gram on Jan 1st and today it is Rs. 2548 per gram. Real estate has also been hanging over the past 6 months – even though there is no accurate data available, there is a general sense there are very few buyers in real estate right now and the market is moving towards budget housing. Debt markets have done no better – for example HDFC Gilt fund LTP (this invests in long term government bonds) has given a paltry 0.6% over the past six months. I have had quite

Being the son of an army officer and having grown up in spacious british bangalows in cantonments in the 70’s and 80’s, I have always dreamt of having a weekend house with large gardens, away from the hustle and bustle of city, where I could live with nature and do some weekend farming. Initially, I had thought about owning my own farm house – but then it needed at least a five acre plot and I would have to develop all the infrastructure myself. That was a lot of commitment of time and effort and money and my busy lifestyle did not allow that. I soon started looking for a farm house community which comes with common security, power backup, water facilities, good neighbours and a small club house. Something that is appx. one hour away from Bangalore (where I live and teach). Ideally the club house should have a few rooms to stay overnight and a dining facility where someone would serve me food and beer. A place where I can do weekend farming (remaining days th

In the past few weeks, there has been a fair amount of “not so good” news from IT Industry. The big companies are finding it difficult to keep up the growth momentum in both top line and the bottom line. Last year the industry grew at about 15% - this year, the growth is slowing down to 12% ( as per Nasscom). Big companies like TCS are being careful - here is one recent report -( My friends in IT industry are also telling me privately that the basic model of IT services from offshore is now pretty commoditized and the billing rates are falling. Even MNC’s like IBM and Accenture are comi