Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom


Raja believes that direct equity investing is not for everyone as it requires a passion to study companies, their business models and financial data.

Raja learnt direct equity investing by reading extensively on Warren Buffet in the late 90’s and he has discovered his style of equity investing over the past decade. He believes in investing at the right price in profitable companies with honest managements and stays invested for long term. Since 2009, his stock market ROI has been better than the sensex ROI by about 15% every year.

You can get more details of his style of investments through these presentations he has made in Bangalore Stock exchange –

He has also extensively covered this topic in his book “How to get rich and retire early”

Raja shares his equity buy and sell calls with a private email group called Private Mailing list for Equities (PMLE) -please register here to join this group. This is a free service and you can expect a mail every three months as and when Raja buys or sells equities.

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