Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

One on One Phone Session

Reaching out for personal advise on financial planning and investing

Raja is helping hundreds of people each month in their quest to “Get rich and Retire early”. Raja can help you in answering  questions like:

  • How do I make a 10-20 year financial plan for me and my family?
  • I have done reasonably well in career – when can I retire from work and follow my passions?
  • I have earned well and invested well – how much financial assets should I have to be able to leave active corporate career and follow my passions?
  • I have “X” amount of money – where do I invest now?
  • I have the following portfolio of stocks and mutual funds and insurance schemes – can you please see it and recommend any corrective actions?
  • I want to invest in real estate in Bangalore – can you suggest some good options? (Raja does not have knowledge of real estate properties beyond Bangalore)

Most of these services are free and Raja would be happy to help you. In some exceptional cases, Raja may charge as the services need a fair amount of time and effort.

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