Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

This is for my MBA students who had their convocation last weekend and for the hundreds of MBA’s who have finished their course this summer I passed out of XLRI in 1989 and for the first ten years, despite having a decent career, my financial journey was directionless. I started on the right financial path ten years after my MBA. I educated myself through books and learnt from people around me who knew more. I put an effort and changed some of my financial habits. In just a few months, I could see the difference. Within seven years, in 2006, I became financially free, meaning, I did not have to work to maintain my lifestyle.
Thanks to Angad Arora for sharing this article -  surely a great read -I was nodding my head in agreement and smiling as I read it :-) Read on -
Here are some thoughts for my outgoing MBA students who are transitioning from college to corporate career this weekend · Once you leave your college and get into the job, no one would really care how much you scored in your college.
He was from a middle class business family from UP. He completed BBA in his home town and worked for some time in his family business before coming to Bangalore to get an MBA from Christ University Institute of Management. Like most MBA’s in the institute, he landed a good job – and started working from May 2012. He had a monthly take home salary of about 35 K. As he lived alone, his expenses were limited and he could easily save. He also did not have any liabilities like education loans. So he started his wealth journey in earnest by investing time to learn about mutual funds and real es
Welcome aboard – and thank you for joining me on this “wealth journey”. We all started our wealth journey the day we were born and this journey will continue with us throughout our life. As of now, we are co travellers. Through this book I want to help you reach your wealth destination faster. As we travel together, I hope to share with you some ideas that have worked for me and for others, who have been successful in reaching their wealth destination.