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In 2006, a friend of mine, working in Saudi Arabia visited us in Bangalore – and invested in a 3 bed room, 2000 sq ft flat in Prestige Shantiniketan  in Whitefield  ( The logic then was that the location is good – IT companies are all around and this property was a large project – 3000 flats, a five star hotel, a mall, a 2 million sq ft office complex and a convention centre– all within the same compound.  Bangalore did not have anything like it then.
The Congress and BJP have joined hands to pass the Food security bill yesterday. There is a general belief that this bill is a vote security bill for politicians and will lead to massive leakage of tax payer’s money.  By spending INR 1.3 trillion per annum on this scheme, the govt would have less to spend on wealth creating assets like infrastructure, education and health. The massive govt purchases of food grains for this scheme will leave less food grains for the open markets and that would mean food inflation and the operational inefficiencies would also mean that the poor won’t get their food. Not surprisingly the Rupee saw its steepest single day decline in the past 17 years (of 2.84%) and the
Glad to share this article on "Investing in Land" that was published yesterday in ET Wealth - this was based on an extensive interview with the editor last week and data that I had shared prior to the interview.Here is the link -
The USD -INR ratio stayed at 54-55 levels due to the massive inflow of USD into emerging markets as the US Fed kept their economy awash with cheap money. However, a few weeks back, the US Fed hinted at reducing this liquidity, and immediately the Rupee depreciated to levels of 61 to a Dollar.  A depressed Rupee means that the prices of fuel (which is imported) will be high – and that in turn impacts the prices of transported goods (like food grains and vegetables) and the general inflation. With Inflation high, RBI would not be able to easily reduce the interest rates and that means that the cost of capital to Industries would be high – which in turn impacts the GDP growth
This is a short note. RBI has just yesterday released this data on Housing price index that I found worth sharing