Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

This is for my MBA students who had their convocation last weekend and for the hundreds of MBA’s who have finished their course this summer I passed out of XLRI in 1989 and for the first ten years, despite having a decent career, my financial journey was directionless. I started on the right financial path ten years after my MBA. I educated myself through books and learnt from people around me who knew more. I put an effort and changed some of my financial habits. In just a few months, I could see the difference. Within seven years, in 2006, I became financially free, meaning, I did not have to work to maintain my lifestyle.
Germany had that one single dramatic day – on 9th of Nov, 1989 – the day that marked the fall of Berlin wall and events that led to the reunification of Germany. USSR had a similar dramatic moment on 19th Aug, 1991 - when Yeltsin stood on top of a tank and addressed people in Moscow – that lead to Yeltsin taking over USSR and eventually the breaking up of USSR into 14 new countries.India’s economic revolution in 1991 did not have any such dramatic event– But if one has to look back and find one such single day when it all happened – it was 24th