Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

As a faculty, I have learnt to take life trimester by trimester. This is my eighth trimester as a faculty and just like the prior seven trimesters, I am looking forward to the starting of the new session. This trimester is also special as I am teaching Wealth Management. This subject is close to my heart.  I learnt it by actually doing it. It comes to me naturally.  I know that I am good at it and I know that my students too like these sessions. Even though the course is designed to prepare students for a career in Wealth management, I am also teaching them “how to become rich”. After all as MBA stud
Hello students - This week onwards, for the next ten weeks, we will explore the various facets of wealth management - remember that Wealth management is for managing your own wealth - aimed at making you financially independent - where one does not need to work to maintain your lifestyle - as we go through the classes every week, my blog also will follow with one update every week. My plan to cover Wealth management in the next ten sessions is as follows: Session 1 - Overview of financial planning and Wealth management Session 2 and 3 - Equity, Debt and Mutual funds Session 4 -Insurance, Derivatives and Bullion Session 5 -Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture capital Session 6 -Macro Economics Session 7 -Tax planning, Retirement planning and Estate planning Session 8 - Wealth management industry in India Session 9 and Session 10 - executive interaction and Wrap up The first session aims at making you realize that each of us, irrespective of our backgroun