Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

I believe that quite a few of my readers have investments in gold through the ETF route, as part of portfolio diversification. Some of my readers have asked me this lately-  “what do I do with my Gold ETF’s – do I sell it? or do I keep it?.
I know this is late by two weeks –I was travelling for book sessions to Pune and Delhi for the past two weeks and hence I could not blog. In all my book sessions, this topic came up – should we invest in gold or not? So here is my take – If you follow my blogs or have read the chapters in my book on Gold– you would know that: Indian price of gold = “Global price of gold” X “USD / INR conversion ratio”.
This is a short note on the ROI that one gets when you invest through the gold saving schemes offered by jewellers.   The scheme works as follows: ·
I see that Gold and silver are touching new highs globally – Gold has appreciated 5% in April alone.I also see that even though crisis in  Japan and Middle east has overshadowed the Euro area debt crisis – it is far from over - and now it is the turn of Portugal to seek help from IMF and EU. I also see that Greece is close to defaulting on it’s debt obligations and it could end up in Greece  exiting the European Union. ( I also S&P