Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

Thanks to Angad Arora for sharing this article -  surely a great read -I was nodding my head in agreement and smiling as I read it :-) Read on -
Hello Friends - starting March end 2013, till date I have done 43 book sessions  -41 of these 43 sessions were in companies (the remaining two were in the Bangalore stock exchange) and so the audience was restricted to employees in the company. Here is my first completely open book session - any one can come. As an author, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to my first book session in a book shop. Atta Galatta is a book shop with a difference -situated in Bangalore, they promote only Indian authors. My session is scheduled for today -  Saturday (27th July) at 5 pm - if you are in Bangalore - please do come. 
Welcome aboard – and thank you for joining me on this “wealth journey”. We all started our wealth journey the day we were born and this journey will continue with us throughout our life. As of now, we are co travellers. Through this book I want to help you reach your wealth destination faster. As we travel together, I hope to share with you some ideas that have worked for me and for others, who have been successful in reaching their wealth destination.
Before I started writing this book, I went around to do a market survey – wanted to know what kind of books existed in wealth management space in India. I went to many book shops, searched internet portals - bought about 20 books and read them and browsed through many more in the books shops  in Bangalore.  Some of the books that I liked and surely recommend to my readers are: