Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

Term insurance policy is a life insurance scheme that covers only risk of death and does not offer any survivor benefits. It is like the insurance policy we take for our two wheeler or car – we pay an annual premium – if we have an accident, the repair bills go to the insurance company and they pay the bills subject to some deductions. Similarly, in Term Insurance policy, you take a policy for a specified number of years (let’s say 20 years), and specified cover (let’s say Rs 100 lacs) and you pay an annual premium for the 20 years.  In case if your demise in this period of 20 years, your dependants will get the insurance cover of Rs 100 lacs.
Jan –Feb- March is the time most of us look at investing for tax saving and this is the same period when the insurance companies are hyperactive in the media with their advertisements- positioning their offerings as tax saving  investment offerings.   This note is basically to reiterate my views on the way we must approach the insurance products. Insurance must be seen basically as means to mitigate risks.  All of us face risks of untimely demise, o
After a break of one month, I would like to restart and share details on Insurance products available in India and what products you must use in your quest to create wealth. My presentation of this session can be downloaded from is designed to protect the financial well-being of an individual