Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

Friends - Today, March 14th  is the record date for dividend payment.  The stock price is currently at Rs. 24.35 as I blog. On 15th, post the dividend record date, the price is expected to go down by Rs 1.50 - to Rs. 23.00. Obviously the price did not meet our expectations of Rs 26-30. If you bought it at around Rs 22 - two weeks back - then you have made a tax free dividend of 6.8%. Assuming you sell it at Rs 23.00, then you have made a pre tax capital gain of 4.5%. This is far below what we had hoped for - but a 10% return in two weeks not bad.
Selling a stock is trickier than buying a stock.There are no clear guidelines.And so here are my thoughts on Noida Toll bridge exit.If you have bought the stock at Rs 22 or below in the past week – you have already earned a Rs. 1.5 dividend that is tax free (6.8% tax free returns on a purchase price of Rs. 22). For getting this dividend, you will need to stay invested till March 15th.
This idea originally came from Jatin Khemani – an equity analyst and my ex-student  - he surely knows more about stocks than me. So this blog post is dedicated to Jatin. The Noida Toll Bridge linking Delhi and Noida is run by listed company called Noida Toll Bridge Company Limited.  This company, as one can imagine, has a very simple business model  -it spends on maintaining the toll road and gets revenue from people who use the toll road. With increasing traffic in Delhi, their revenues are growing and so is their profits.
Among the old well known business families in Bangalore is the Sipani’s. Back in the 80’s, they were known for the car they manufactured called Dolphin - it was a Fibre glass body  car (  Dolphin did not do well and was eclipsed by Maruti 800 as it came around the same time. Over the years, the Sipani brand has been in a few B2B businesses. Today most youngsters would not know the Sipani brand.
Here is a question that you may have – “I  save Rs X per month and where do I invest  it – I am looking for long term investment (2-3 years atleast) and I am looking for good returns.” There are no straight answers to this question - the answer will  depend on the risk taking ability and life stage of the person investing. Plus as of now, there is the uncertainty of elections ahead and how does one recommend anything at all.