Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

Glad to share that today's Economic Times Wealth has featured the lead article on "Stock market investing for first time investors" where they have quoted four first time investors - and all four of them are from our Private mailing list for Equity group. Plus they have referred to me and my book and I am happy for that.  You can read a shorter version of the article here - The print version is longer and has quoted and put photos of Tejas, Puneet Arora, Ashotosh Singh and Sandeep Pandita. Congratulations to all four of you for having come in a national media. Her
I have requests from my ex students who are either married or getting married shortly - the request is to share some best practices of money management post marriage. So here is my list - I am assuming that the couple is living alone.   Best practices in Financial planning If you both are working, then it is logical to have two independent bank accounts for salary and tax purposes. But once the money comes into your salary account – transfer the whole amount into a joint account that can be operated by both of you. Do not keep track of my money vs your money.
Hello students - This week onwards, for the next ten weeks, we will explore the various facets of wealth management - remember that Wealth management is for managing your own wealth - aimed at making you financially independent - where one does not need to work to maintain your lifestyle - as we go through the classes every week, my blog also will follow with one update every week. My plan to cover Wealth management in the next ten sessions is as follows: Session 1 - Overview of financial planning and Wealth management Session 2 and 3 - Equity, Debt and Mutual funds Session 4 -Insurance, Derivatives and Bullion Session 5 -Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture capital Session 6 -Macro Economics Session 7 -Tax planning, Retirement planning and Estate planning Session 8 - Wealth management industry in India Session 9 and Session 10 - executive interaction and Wrap up The first session aims at making you realize that each of us, irrespective of our backgroun
The objective of starting this blog is to help my MBA students with additional content to get a better perspective of the subjects discussed. This trimester, I am teaching two courses, Wealth management and Entrepreneurship, in Christ University Institute of Management in Bangalore. Through this blog, I intend to share my views and contents on these two subjects. Let me start with Wealth management. I believe wealth management is not just for MBA finance students –every graduate must go through the basics of wealth management. After all each one of us should know how to manage our own wealth. As one progresses in life and career, one will earn and save – with the expectation of India’s economy growing at 8% and above for the coming decade – everyone will do well financially in the years to come - and in that context, everyone needs to have a long term plan for achieving what I call “financial independence” – a stage where o