Smart ways to invest and attain early financial freedom

How to get rich and retire early

bookAll of us dream of being able to leave the rat race –this endless pursuit of money and power. We want to slow our lives down and spend time doing things that we truly love to do.

However, most of us have financial responsibilities and we believe that leaving the job and retiring early is just a dream. We are convinced that very few lucky people can do it –it is not something that a normal person can achieve –so we continue dreaming of early retirement and live our busy lives – running faster,  working harder.

But this can change. You too can retire early. You too can become financially independent and spend time doing things that you truly love to.

Here is a book that takes you on a step by step journey to “Get rich and retire early”. The ideas in this book are practical and workable. This book will challenge you to think differently about money. This book will change the way you plan for your future. Anyone can implement the ideas given in this book – and if you do implement them, you will surely “Get rich and retire early”.

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Some of the reviews from the readers

“My Best Investment till date !! 

I attended Mr. Raja Sehkaran’s talk during a conference in my company and bought this book on Homeshop18 after being inspired by his talk – one of the better buying decisions of my life! This book is simple to read and written in a conversational style. So throughout the book you feel like you are speaking to the author 1-on-1. Author portrays investment ideas wrt Indian Market. He gave elite ideas on – Real Estate, Equities, Mutual Fund, Insurance, in an uncluttered way. The author is very friendly and takes out time to reply personally to emails from readers. I personally recommend this book!! ‘Get rich and retire early!’ :-)”



“The best financial planning book, I ever read!

I have read a lot of investing books, but this is the first book that I would like every person interested into financial planning and investment to read. The author covers all the important asset class – Real Estate, Equities, Mutual Fund, Insurance,in an uncluttered way. The author get to the point straight away and talks about the relevance of passive income. The author principles clearly outline that getting rich is a result of making a financial plan for getting rich, figuring out the investment options that suit you, implementing the plan and finally reaching the destination. And, it REALLY HELPS in showing you THE RIGHT WAY. I particularly, liked the chapter on insurance and equity investment and the way author analysed the Asian paints through three valuation methods. That provides me with a lot of clarity on equity investment. Without doubt, this is the best little book about investment, I have ever read!”

– Manish Sharma


“Book with highly practical approach.

I have always looked for a book or someone who can guide me in wealth management rather give me a picture of my retirement days. I purchased this book after I attended Raja Sekaran’s seminar in our office on Wealth management. After reading this book, I should say this is the one among the best books, rather I should say work book OR guide I found in the market that gives:

  1.  An idea in quantitative terms on what exactly is our definition of rich.
  2. A way to build an exact plan on how to accumulate the required wealth to become rich based on the value we decide upon above.
  3.  A way to understand all the available avenues of investment that helps amass this wealth.
  4. More than anything else, it concentrates on Indian scenarios.

I would surely recommend this book for anyone interested in getting rich earlier though proper planning. Thank you for writing such a good book sir”

– Khandoba Kulkarni


“Game changing advice…”

Two declarations in this book really altered my financial planning paradigm:

1. The day you do not have to work for a living anymore, is the day that you can retire. This doesn’t mean you no longer work. It simply means you don’t have to work to earn a living.

2. Financial independence is achieved when Cash flow from your investments outperforms your expenses. So spend your initial working years in making investments that give you cash flows and NOT in areas that only gives you capital appreciation. Capital appreciation investments is the second phase, not the first


Praveen Udupa


“Well written written “how to” book.”

The book is well written. One generally assumes being rich means owning cars, bungalows or foreign holiday trips. This book helps quantify what being/getting rich means in terms of numbers at personal level. I liked the chapters on equity investments as they give methods/tips to identify a stock to buy. Overall well written book with the focus on opportunities to invest in India.

– Venkatesh M

“Best book for practical guide on Financial planning”

I bought this book after attending Mr. Raja Sekharan’s seminar on Wealth Management at IBM Chennai.

Very insightful and enlightening book for those aspiring to get RICH early and to get out of the Rat race.

I have read books on wealth management by Western authors but it does not give us a practical view to apply those principles,in Indian context. This book addresses this gap and provides lots of insights and practical guidance to apply financial planning principles in Indian context.

Right from the definition of RICH, emphasizing the need to focus on ROI, exploring the various options for high ROI, using of a sample financial planning worksheet and showing us on using the planning worksheet through an anecdote, this book is every bit a hands on and practical guide.

Senthil Kumar


“Amazing book !”

This amazing book has changed my financial life for the better … I had the good fortune of attending Raja Sir’s lecture in my company in which he explained in the most lucid manner that financial planning is not as daunting as it may sound !

His book is written in very simple language without the complex financial jargon and with lots of examples and numbers. The chapter on Life insurance and mutual funds investments changed my outlook towards financial planning completely !

This is a must book for every responsible bread-earner of the family !

Sanjeev KR


“Crisp and Clearly defined!”

Superb book, book content didn’t deviate from the book’s title, very honestly written and openly shared one’s intelligence on investing. Its delivered in black & white!

Raghupathy N


“Hits the nail on the head – A practical way to getting rich”
I have read Peter Lynch’s One Upon Wall Street and Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor. Though they gave me plenty of information on how to pick stocks, I was at a loss on how to apply what they have said to the Indian stock market. But Rajasekharan has explained in an easy to understand manner how to go about this exercise. 

This book does not not merely serve as a stock picking tool, rather equities are just one investment option available to us. Rajasekharan has covered all the available asset creation avenues – Mutual funds, Real Estate, Gold, Insurance (with the exception of gambling :-))

The enlightening part was the definition of what rich means. This is the first time I have come across such a precise, quantitative definition.

This book really shows us how to make our hard earned money work hard for us.

Balalji Sreenivasan

“Simple, yet powerful!”

I attended Mr. Raja Sehkaran’s talk during a conference in my company (Cisco Systems) and bought this book on flipkart after being inspired by his talk – one of the better buying decisions of my life!

This book is a real simple read and written in a conversational style. So throughout the book you feel like you are speaking to the author 1-on-1.

The methods & ideas presented in the book for creating a financial plan and wealth creation thereafter are, again, very simple to understand. After reading this booking, I immediately cancelled my money-sucking insurance policy also called ‘money-back policy’ by most – that’s some quick ROI on the Rs.200 I invested in this book, isn’t it?

Add-on is that, the author is very friendly and takes out time to reply personally to emails from readers.

Overall an awesome buy! Looking forward to ‘Get rich and retire early!’ 🙂

Rohit Atri


“Getting Rich was never that Simple !!!”

Read the book and here is my take on the book:

1.The book is simple and well written.

2.It instills faith in your “Financial self”.

3.It gives you the vision for financial success.

4.It changed my perspective about money and the way to get rich.(ROI)

It can change yours too. Welcome to the journey of Getting Rich ..!!!

Vijay Kumar


“Very good!”

I recommend this book for anybody who doesn’t have any idea about financial planning, very well written, informative and thought provoking. I have read this book withing 2 days, it was very fast paced, practical, the case study on asian paints is very good. It made me think on ROI, not on inflows and outflows alone.

Sairam R


“Excellent Financial Planning Book”

This book is a step by step guide to better financial planning. It guides in investing in reality, buying insurance and equity. It gives clarity in selecting Growth Stocks and earn effortless good returns in the Longer Run. what a great loss that I didn’t get an idea of these investment basics before 20 years. I have read this book four weeks back & already following some of its suggestions.

Arunkumar NC